Jewellery Tools

Jewellery Tools

A range of useful tools to help you make jewelley.

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BeadSmiths Twist 'n' Curl x 1

Product no.: AWWK

£8.95 *

Beadsmith's Standard 4 Piece Reamer Set x1

Product no.: BR4

£3.25 *
In stock

Beadsmith's 3 Piece Mini Pliers Set x1

Product no.: PL3MINI

£5.50 *

Beadsmith's 3 Piece Plier's Set x1

Product no.: PL3SET

£9.50 *

Beadsmith's Round Nose Nylon Jaw Pliers x 1

Product no.: PL564

£11.54 *

Beadsmith's Professional Crimping Pliers x1

Product no.: PLCRIMP

£9.50 *
In stock
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